Given the fact that many websites are facing the wrath of hackers compromising the personal and financial information of visitors, it is necessary to take stringent web security measures. And what better way to provide a strong security cover to your website than by installing an SSL certificate?

SSL certificates are mandatory, multipurpose instruments for every online business and some browsers such as chrome are penalising websites without SSL certificate by highlighting them to visitors as UNSAFE to visit.

What is SSL?

SSL stands for Secure Socket Layer. An SSL certificate can be best described as a digital lock that puts a strong wall of protection on the exchange of information between your website and the visitors that interact with it. This protection is ensured through the process of data encryption which means locking (encryption) all the data from everyone else, except the authorized person who can unlock (decrypt) it. That means, all your personal and financial data and that of your customers, including the credit card numbers, user IDs, and passwords are all stored securely on a website that has an SSL certificate.

Here are some of the benefits of securing your website with an SSL Certificate:

1#. A Strong Indicator of Your Business Ethics and Professionalism. Digital privacy is a crucial necessity for the online world and all those businesses which demonstrate their ethical side to customers stand to benefit. Customers will recognize your efforts when you have an SSL certificate in place and will bestow a higher level of confidence and trust in your professionally-run business. This will improve your online goodwill manifold and attract more visitors to your website

2#. Raise A Strong Wall Against Phishing and Data theft. Online scammers often send phishing emails, which contain malicious web links to capture the credit card information of your visitors. They do so to impersonate a legitimate website using a fake one, which is a fraudulent act of “phishing”. A perfect foil to such attempts is available through an authentic SSL certificate. Given the fact that fraudsters rarely invest in an SSL certificate, all those websites which don’t show security signals will stand to lose. Such websites will be cordoned off, and modern browsers usually warn visitors to simply avoid such websites. You don’t want your potential customers to avoid your business website

3#. Promise Safe Shopping Procedures and Checkouts to your Customers. It is not an exaggeration to quote that information becomes your strength, more so in the case of online transactions. With so much being talked about the prominence of SSL secured websites, all the online shoppers now are well-informed about the significance of an SSL certificate and the security gaps in unsecured websites. With an SSL certificate in place, you can guarantee safer credit card payments to all your customers. Hence, an SSL certificate comes as a non-negotiable instrument to initiate a successful credit card transaction through verified payment gateways.

4#. Record Higher Revenues Through Branding. It is common knowledge that a direct correlation exists between trust and revenue. If people trust your website, you will naturally attract more visitors. Hence an SSL certificate not only improves your customer base but also leads to more sales through higher conversion rates. Websites powered by SSL certificates will show up images informing visitors that the website is secure. It is through such branded images that your customers will feel safe to transact on your website.

Contact Papa Internet Services today and let us help you secure your website from malicious hackers. An investment in an SSL certificate is one that reaps many benefits well into the future.

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