Amazon is undoubtedly one of the top most online market places at the moment and the most visited websites in UK and America. There are literally tens of thousands of products on Amazon ranging from digital to physical products and to almost anything. And most importantly, there are dozens and dozens of unique niches with low competition and products which you can promote at all times.

Amazon has the easiest and quickest checkout process and some people are literally addicted to Amazon’s sales process. A $15 purchase on Amazon can easily turn into a $50 purchase in a blink of an eye because of it’s suggestive marketing techniques. Actually, most people end up spending more than they originally planned to.

So, with thousands and thousands of products, unique niches that are still unexploited and a huge volume of shoppers; how can you position yourself and make some money online using Amazon as your base.

Become an Amazon affiliate. Yes, that’s the answer. But how? Very simple!

All you need is a website, a blog or any other online presence. It could even be your facebook page or twitter. You don’t need to be a high tech person or spend the whole day on the internet to make this work for you, neither would you need to sell or ship any goods yourself – Amazon will do that.
All you need to do is to direct people coming to your website/blog to Amazon’s website and if they buy something, you get a commission for introducing them to Amazon. It sounds very easy and trust me; it’s much easier doing it.

Newbies affiliate mistake! The problem with most people trying to make money online through affiliate marketing is that; they start with Clickbank digital products. Don’t get me wrong, some people make money with clickbank but majority of newbies end up making very little or no money at all. Clickbank has thousands of newbies joing every week and it deals in digital products which require advanced marketing skills in order to make good money.

How do you position your website or blog to make money with Amazon?

There are various ways through which you can position your website or blog to make money as an affiliate with Amazon;
Use opt-in forms and collect people’s emails, then send emails to those people promoting Amazon products with your Amazon affiliate ID embedded in the product links.
• Get a website or blog and populate them with Amazon products.
Write articles reviewing your chosen Amazon products and post them to your website, blog, facebook page or twitter, and any other free social websites.

All the above methods will make you money but in my view, the last method is the best and the one I like. It is easy to implement and you can quickly build up a full time income within months if you really focus on it. Also, this method works well with Amazon because Amazon sells thousands of products, they are well established, most people know or have bought a product from Amazon before and best of all, they handle everything – from selling to paying your commission.

So, what do you need to do?
1. Get a website, a blog or anything else that will give you an online presence. You can easily get a free one page website or blog from Papa Internet Services.
2. Search on Amazon and find a product or products you wish to promote.
3. Start writing.

How do I find a product to promote on Amazon?

Go through each category on Amazon website until you find products that fit the following criteria:
• Products that cost more than $150. Because selling one will give you around $8 in commission. A $300 item will give you about $20 in commission.
• Products that are unique and not readily available in every supermarket or shop on the high street. There is no point in promoting a product that almost everybody is promoting or which is almost sold everywhere, e.g video games or laptops.
• Products that have been positively reviewed before. At least 5+ reviews. This is a really good indicator of whether or not the product is selling and that, it’s a good product.
• Products with at least a star rating above 3. There’s no point in promoting a crap product.
• Products that that have 3 or more related products to promote. Most of your articles can easily be about one topic and covering five or more related products.
• Mix your main products with low priced products to inflate your commission percent. At the beginning of each month Amazon reviews your commission percentage and may reduce it if you haven’t sold at least 20 items.
• Caution: stay away from digital and electronic products such as TV’s, cameras, laptops, cell phones, CDs or ebooks. You need to work hard to promote these products and almost every other person is into selling these products.

But, do people really want to buy the product I have chosen? Find out!
Just before you start writing or hiring someone to write your article, confirm that people actually search on the internet for the products you have chosen.
Use google adwords keyword search tool to run a product search, e.g type in the keyword Yeeginkgo tablets in the search tool and see what comes back. If a product has about 3000+ searches each month, that’s a sale-able product.
Also check related products. If you find four or more products that fall in this category, then you have what to write on for a least a month assuming you post one article each week to your website or blog.

Write articles on the products starting with the main product and use text links with your Amazon affiliate ID to link the product back to Amazon. For example; “you can easily purchase this oven glass door online through Amazon at this linkNew world oven glass doors, or “Instant Coffee Mixture with Ganoderma Powder and Yeeginkgo tablets are currently on sale through

How and what to write in your article.
If you are confident writing an article by yourself, well and good as most of the facts about the product are already on the website in the product description. You can do some bit of googling too to get more information to polish up your article.

Ensure that you address at least the following in your article and don’t make your article too long or too short; a 300 – 500 words article is just fine.

Emphasise the outstanding features of the product and why it may be a superior product compared to other similar products. For example; Instant Coffee Mixture with Ganoderma Powder is a good product because it prevents Virus infection, strengthens the digestive system and heart muscle and at the same time you enjoy coffee. See the product description and pick out the benefits of the product.
Mention the targeted audience in your article, for example; the Yeeginkgo Tablets are ideal for people who suffer from Asthma, Diabetes, stroke, Male importance or have a hearing loss.

Get someone to write the article for you.

If you are not comfortable writing the article yourself, don’t worry. There are various freelance websites where you can find someone to write a very good article about your chosen topic for less than $15. and are my favorite sites for this.

Check the feedback to see what previous customers say about the freelances’ work or conduct before you hire them.

Time Post your article to your blog or website.

Now that you have finished writing your article or received one from the freelance you hired, you will need to ensure that as many people as possible read it. You will not only need to post it to your website or blog but also to every other free social networking, classified and directory websites.
Below are a few examples of such websites;

Social networking websites:

Directory Websites:

Classified websites:

Now that you have finished posting your first article, I wouldn’t advise that you don’t sit back and wait for the money to start rolling in, just continue when you are still hot. Write more articles about the relate products you picked and schedule the articles for automatic posting on your blog or website – at least one article per week. This is important as your blog or website will stay fresh with new content and also you will quickly develop a following of readers looking for fresh content.

If money starts coming in, then review your products and see which ones are doing well – concentrate on them or duplicate the entire process with different other blogs or websites.

At least five or more blogs or websites will guarantee a steady stream of income. Improve them with fresh content while focusing on the most profitable products.

Like all other businesses, especially affiliate marketing businesses, be patient and stick with it however boring it may be.

All the best.