How to Make Money on Amazon in 10 Simple Ways

How to Make Money on Amazon in 10 Simple Ways

Amazon is undoubtedly one of the top most online market places at the moment and the most visited websites in UK and America. There are literally tens of thousands of products on Amazon ranging from digital to physical products and to almost anything. And most importantly, there are dozens and dozens of unique niches with low competition and products which you can promote at all times.

Amazon has the easiest and quickest checkout process and some people are literally addicted to Amazon’s sales process. A $15 purchase on Amazon can easily turn into a $50 purchase in a blink of an eye because of it’s suggestive marketing techniques. Actually, most people end up spending more than they originally planned to.

So, with thousands and thousands of products, unique niches that are still unexploited and a huge volume of shoppers; how can you position yourself and make some money online using Amazon as your base.

Become an Amazon affiliate. Yes, that’s the answer. But how? Very simple!

All you need is a website, a blog or any other online presence. It could even be your facebook page or twitter. You don’t need to be a high tech person or spend the whole day on the internet to make this work for you, neither would you need to sell or ship any goods yourself – Amazon will do that.
All you need to do is to direct people coming to your website/blog to Amazon’s website and if they buy something, you get a commission for introducing them to Amazon. It sounds very easy and trust me; it’s much easier doing it.

Newbies affiliate mistake! The problem with most people trying to make money online through affiliate marketing is that; they start with Clickbank digital products. Don’t get me wrong, some people make money with clickbank but majority of newbies end up making very little or no money at all. Clickbank has thousands of newbies joing every week and it deals in digital products which require advanced marketing skills in order to make good money.

How do you position your website or blog to make money with Amazon?

There are various ways through which you can position your website or blog to make money as an affiliate with Amazon;
Use opt-in forms and collect people’s emails, then send emails to those people promoting Amazon products with your Amazon affiliate ID embedded in the product links.
• Get a website or blog and populate them with Amazon products.
Write articles reviewing your chosen Amazon products and post them to your website, blog, facebook page or twitter, and any other free social websites.

All the above methods will make you money but in my view, the last method is the best and the one I like. It is easy to implement and you can quickly build up a full time income within months if you really focus on it. Also, this method works well with Amazon because Amazon sells thousands of products, they are well established, most people know or have bought a product from Amazon before and best of all, they handle everything – from selling to paying your commission.

So, what do you need to do?
1. Get a website, a blog or anything else that will give you an online presence. You can easily get a free one page website or blog from Papa Internet Services.
2. Search on Amazon and find a product or products you wish to promote.
3. Start writing.

How do I find a product to promote on Amazon?

Go through each category on Amazon website until you find products that fit the following criteria:
• Products that cost more than $150. Because selling one will give you around $8 in commission. A $300 item will give you about $20 in commission.
• Products that are unique and not readily available in every supermarket or shop on the high street. There is no point in promoting a product that almost everybody is promoting or which is almost sold everywhere, e.g video games or laptops.
• Products that have been positively reviewed before. At least 5+ reviews. This is a really good indicator of whether or not the product is selling and that, it’s a good product.
• Products with at least a star rating above 3. There’s no point in promoting a crap product.
• Products that that have 3 or more related products to promote. Most of your articles can easily be about one topic and covering five or more related products.
• Mix your main products with low priced products to inflate your commission percent. At the beginning of each month Amazon reviews your commission percentage and may reduce it if you haven’t sold at least 20 items.
• Caution: stay away from digital and electronic products such as TV’s, cameras, laptops, cell phones, CDs or ebooks. You need to work hard to promote these products and almost every other person is into selling these products.

But, do people really want to buy the product I have chosen? Find out!
Just before you start writing or hiring someone to write your article, confirm that people actually search on the internet for the products you have chosen.
Use google adwords keyword search tool to run a product search, e.g type in the keyword Yeeginkgo tablets in the search tool and see what comes back. If a product has about 3000+ searches each month, that’s a sale-able product.
Also check related products. If you find four or more products that fall in this category, then you have what to write on for a least a month assuming you post one article each week to your website or blog.

Write articles on the products starting with the main product and use text links with your Amazon affiliate ID to link the product back to Amazon. For example; “you can easily purchase this oven glass door online through Amazon at this linkNew world oven glass doors, or “Instant Coffee Mixture with Ganoderma Powder and Yeeginkgo tablets are currently on sale through

How and what to write in your article.
If you are confident writing an article by yourself, well and good as most of the facts about the product are already on the website in the product description. You can do some bit of googling too to get more information to polish up your article.

Ensure that you address at least the following in your article and don’t make your article too long or too short; a 300 – 500 words article is just fine.

Emphasise the outstanding features of the product and why it may be a superior product compared to other similar products. For example; Instant Coffee Mixture with Ganoderma Powder is a good product because it prevents Virus infection, strengthens the digestive system and heart muscle and at the same time you enjoy coffee. See the product description and pick out the benefits of the product.
Mention the targeted audience in your article, for example; the Yeeginkgo Tablets are ideal for people who suffer from Asthma, Diabetes, stroke, Male importance or have a hearing loss.

Get someone to write the article for you.

If you are not comfortable writing the article yourself, don’t worry. There are various freelance websites where you can find someone to write a very good article about your chosen topic for less than $15. and are my favorite sites for this.

Check the feedback to see what previous customers say about the freelances’ work or conduct before you hire them.

Time Post your article to your blog or website.

Now that you have finished writing your article or received one from the freelance you hired, you will need to ensure that as many people as possible read it. You will not only need to post it to your website or blog but also to every other free social networking, classified and directory websites.
Below are a few examples of such websites;

Social networking websites:

Directory Websites:

Classified websites:

Now that you have finished posting your first article, I wouldn’t advise that you don’t sit back and wait for the money to start rolling in, just continue when you are still hot. Write more articles about the relate products you picked and schedule the articles for automatic posting on your blog or website – at least one article per week. This is important as your blog or website will stay fresh with new content and also you will quickly develop a following of readers looking for fresh content.

If money starts coming in, then review your products and see which ones are doing well – concentrate on them or duplicate the entire process with different other blogs or websites.

At least five or more blogs or websites will guarantee a steady stream of income. Improve them with fresh content while focusing on the most profitable products.

Like all other businesses, especially affiliate marketing businesses, be patient and stick with it however boring it may be.

All the best.

Simple tips and ideas on how to Promote your Website or Blog for Free

Simple tips and ideas on how to Promote your Website or Blog for Free


If you don’t have a website or blog yet, then get one before you continue.

As you already know, a website or blog is great tool or a must have tool for anybody, company or organisation in any business or trying to promote anything. “It’s a window display for your Company or Business” and if used properly it can generate lots of benefits to your business.

Owning or running a website and not promoting it is like opening a shop in the middle of the desert and expect shoppers to find your shop, because there are millions and millions of websites on the internet with millions more being added everyday.

But if you are not a rich individual or a big company with a big advertising budget, how do you ensure that people find your website?

Below are a few ideas or tips that will help you start promoting your website/blog and the good news is that most of the Website promotion tips below are FREE to implement and if implemented properly can give your website/blog an edge over big Companies with big advertising budgets.

1. E-mails and E-mail signatures: If you own or run a website, you will in most cases have an email address with an extension matching your website Domain name; for example

The biggest mistake most people do is to have their own business’ email address and continue to use their hotmail, gmail or yahoo email accounts. Yahoo or Google allow you to use their email accounts for free because the more you use their email addresses the more you promote their companies.

The sooner you start using your Business or Company email address, the sooner you will start to promote your own Business or Company.

Whenever I receive an email, I look at the email extension to see where it is coming from, if the email message is good and the sender forgot to include their website address, I normally copy the email-extension into the browser and visit the website.

E-mail signature: This is a small message normally found at the end of the email content. It normally reads as follows:

James Buregs
Marketing Director
Papa Internet Services

Your email can easily be configured to show this message on every email you send out.
The small message above is very important for two reasons:

  • It tells you the person’s name and position in the company who has sent the email in case you wish to contact them.
  • It also tells you where the email is coming from. This is very important because at every given opportunity you want people to know or hear about your company or business.

Adding an email signature to your email is quite very easy, just open your email’s dashboard and go to settings, scroll down to the end of the page and add your information in the space for the signature.

2. Word of mouth: This sounds very basic and may be somehow old style marketing but it is very effective. Just tell your family, friends, co-workers and anybody who cares or doesn’t care to listen about your new website or blog and then sit back and let them do the job for you. Be sure to remind them or talk about your website or blog at any given moment, some will get bored but will not forget what your website or blog is about.

If you have friends’ contact emails in your address book, just send them general email introducing your new website and ask them to check it out and give you feedback.

3. Business Cards: Some people may say that business cards are old fashioned and outdated but they still work very well. Your business card must have your name, email address, phone number if you want and most importantly your website address, people will want to know in detail what you do and the kind of services you offer before they call or send you an email.

I have often gone through my pile of business cards to see whether I can find one for the plumber or electrician. For sure when they need your service they will go through the pile. Just hand your business cards out at any function you attend or whenever you meet someone who doesn’t know you or your line of business. Remember to introduce yourself and business whenever handing out that business card.

4. Office Stationary: This especially refers to any kind of paper you use in your home or office to run your business. If you send out letters, invoices, receipts or quotations, just make sure they all bear your business name, any relevant contacts and your website address.

You could also send out or drop off flyers or business cards at a local shop or community centre advertising your services to the local community. People will normally follow on to your website to check out the services you offer.

5. Search Engine submission: When most people are looking for a service or just anything on the internet, the first place they go to is or These are search engine websites with lots of information and will display all the information they hold on their computers that is relevant to your query. Therefore, it’s important that you make these search engines know that your website exists.

Although it may be difficult to have Google or Yahoo listing your website on their first or second pages for popular or common keywords (phrase) e.g “web hosting” or “law firm in London” but they will surely recognise your website if you use targeted keywords related to your business. For example; “Website designer in East London”.

Submitting your website information to search engines is FREE but if you can afford, there is paid way of doing it.

If you visit or and search for “Free search engine submission” you will find instructions on how to do it.  Alternatively, submit your website information to over 40 search engines for free through the following website;

6. Business Directories: Submitting your website information to business directories is another effective way of informing search engines that your website or blog exists.

Search Engines love directories because they are updated almost daily with new information and often Search Engines visit them to capture the updates.

Submitting your website information to Business Directories is a good way of getting back-links for your website. The more your website is listed on other websites (back-links) the more the Search Engines will begin to respect it, and the more they respect it – the more they will want to be associated with it. Also, people use Business Directories to look for services or products.

7. Blogs and News letters: If you are lucky to get people visiting your website, how do you engage them and make them come back again?

Have a BLOG on your website. A blog is a dynamic page on your website that is updated regularly with new information. This new information could be in form of regular articles or just announcements. Having blog is a good way of adding fresh content to your website and not only do Search engines love it but also visitors will keep coming back to check on what is new on the website. You can add pictures or videos on your blog or ask friends and visitors to add their pictures, videos or comments.

You could also encourage visitors to post any questions they may have that are related to the field your business is in. If for example your business is in the field of medicine, legal or accountancy, most of your visitors may have simple questions for you which you could answer promptly.
Some of the visitors may turn into customers if they are happy with the way you interact with them.

If you decide to post regular articles to your blog, you can submit your article to blog/article Directories for free. This will not only pay you back with back-links but also will bring traffic to your website from visitors following up links in the articles to your website.

Below are a few directories you can submit your articles to, but you can also do a Google search to find out more.

Newsletters will be in a form of regular a email to your customers with updates or announcements from your company. This is basically to remind them that your business still exists. If there is any recent development within your company or you offer discounts, this is a good a way of announcing them.

8. Social Networking: There are many websites that provide social networking platforms but the most common ones are;

Most of the websites mentioned above have millions of users. Opening a Facebook, Twitter, MySpace or YouTube account may be a Free and efficient way of reaching a big number of people with your message at no cost.
Some platforms such as Facebook or YouTube will allow you to start a profile dedicated to your business, which can easily be linked to your website.

YouTube has millions of videos and more are added every day, a small video about your business or charity activities may not only attract visitors to your website but customers too by following links in the video.

9. Classifieds: Classified listings present an easy and free method of reaching lots of people with information about your website and business. They tend to work very well with businesses or service-based websites but you can still drive lots of traffic to other websites.
Below are a few websites you can submit your information to but do a Google search as well;

10. Forums: Forums are another good way of promoting your website by especially harvesting bank-links and traffic. All you need is to become an active member of the forum related to your business and start contributing with comments or articles. Just ensure that you include your website link in the forum signature.

By making meaningful and intelligent contributions, people will be inclined to check out the link in your forum signature to find out more about the business you are in.

Manually search for forums related to your website or business and then sign up to start contributing.

To Get started; visit Papa Internet Services for more information/products

I hope the above few tips and ideas will help you start promoting your Website or Blog.

If you have any questions related to the above article or any other articles on our website, feel free to leave a comment or send me an email.

Step by step Guide to Internet Business Startup

Step by step Guide to Internet Business Startup

Step 1: Register Your Business Name 

It will benefit you in the long run to register your business with a legal business name to ensure everything is legal. By doing this you will also keep other people from using your business name and benefiting from your hard work.

  • Do a little research on the tax benefits of being incorporated (INC) or being a limited liability corporation (LLC) versus the disadvantages and see if either of those will give you an advantage for your business.
  • Get a second address for your business for privacy and to keep your personal and business mail separate.

Consider renting a mailbox from your local post office to use as your second address. Make sure you get the best size for the amount of mail you will receive. You may also have the choice to pay in 3, 6, or 12 month incremental payments.

Step 2: Open a Business Bank Account

Open a separate business bank account to keep your personal and business expenses separate.

  •   You can open a business bank account anywhere, but having a local branch nearby can be helpful, especially if problems arise and they can only be resolved in-person.

Explore different merchant accounts to take credit and debit card payments.

There are several options: Traditional banks, PayPal, Stripe, etc. • • Banks will require more information about your business (including a business plan and forecasts) to grant you access to a merchant account.

Virtually anyone can apply for and get a PayPal or Stripe account (without providing the level of information a traditional bank requires), so you will be able to take payments more quickly.

Step 3: Open a New Google Account and Services 

Set up a Google account to take advantage of Google services such as:

  •  Gmail
  •  Google Analytics
  •  YouTube
  • •Etc…

Head over to JVZoo and set up a free account.

You can set up a free JVZoo account to sell your own products and to promote other marketers’ products as an affiliate.

Step 4: Get Your Domain

Name and reliable Web Hosting To set up your own business website, the first thing you will need is a domain name.

Here are a few domain name registrars:

Don’t forget about reliable Web hosting

Try to register a domain name that has your main topic or keyword in the domain name. Doing this will help with your site’s ranking in the search engines and be easier for prospective customers to find.

  • Try to register a .com, .net, or .org domain name if possible- arguably, the three most-recognized domain name extensions.
  • Be sure your Web hosting provider provides good customer service whenever you have an issue via online chat, email or phone.

Also be sure your Web hosting provider has reliable uptime for your site. You can’t afford to have a provider that can’t keep your site up and running at all times.

Step 5: Create Your Website and Graphics 

Decide which website creation software you plan to use to make and edit Web pages. Most web hosting providers have website creation software you can use or use a content management system (CMS) like:

  • WordPress
  • Drupal
  • Joomla
  • etc.

Doing it yourself will save on costs and time in the future if you learn how to effectively work with the software you decide to utilize. When adding products to your website, be sure to create cover graphics to give a nice visual representation.

When doing this, people will be more likely to click on them and check out the offer. Most Internet marketers provide their affiliates with graphics and sales copy to promote their products- use them in your promotion of such offers and place them appropriately on your website.

 Step 6: Send Some Traffic To Your Site 

Traffic is the lifeblood of your business because no traffic equals zero sales. Quality traffic is especially vital. There are free and paid traffic-generating methods. You can use any combination of them to get quality traffic to your site.

Here are a few to get you started:

  • Social media marketing
  • Viral marketing
  • Content marketing
  • Facebook advertising
  • PPC advertising
  • Solo advertising

Step 7: Count Your Profits and Pay Your Taxes 

Don’t spend your early profits frivolously because the tax man will come knocking before you realize it.

Remember: Be sure to put enough money aside to pay your yearly business taxes. It will always benefit you to invest some of your earnings into yourself. Increase your knowledge of current marketing methods so you can stay profitable.



Does Your Charity or Community Organisation need an Online Presence? 

My simple answer is: YES!

We now live in a digital world where a website is not only necessary but a requirement by every business or small charity and community organisation; big or small. The need for charities and community organisations to grow an online presence is now more apparent than ever if they are to survive. Though there are other ways in which a charity or community organisation can grow their online presence and tap into World Wide Web benefits/audience, having a website is still the most fundamental one.

We all know that charity organisations depend on the generosity of the general public through donations of money, goods and time to carry out their activities or provide services. Given the fact that donations are dwindling and competition getting stiff, majority of the charities especially will have to double their efforts if they are to continue in existence.

Now more than ever, it is crucial for charities to raise awareness, encourage donations and maintain good relationships with their supporters to keep the all-important funds flowing – and that’s why CHARITIES need websites more than ever before.

In an environment where the top 1,000 large fundraising charities receive over 50% of all fundraising income, how does a small charity like yours with little or no fundraising budget tap into other 50% of this donations pot?

Yes, a well designed and functional website will not only help your small charity compete with the large charities for donations but also will help you achieve the following;

Information dissemination and creating Awareness

Charities play a great role in creating awareness, education and information dissemination, but unfortunately, there are hundreds of charities that still struggle to get their message heard. A website is a perfect way to reach out to your target audiences and let them know what you do and why you do it.
Informing your audience what your objectives are or what your charity is trying to achieve is crucial if your charity is to appear relevant and attract support. Better still, if people search your charity up to find out what you do, where you are, and what impact you’re making in the community, they should be able to find you.

A website allows you to educate, engage and inform your audience about what you are trying to achieve, and also to solicit support in the form of donations

Encourage donations online on your website

Putting forward a clear message on what you are trying to achieve is one way of connecting with your audience but clearly highlighting what you want to achieve, how you want to achieve it, and how their support will help you achieve your objectives on your website makes it easier for you to ask for support and get it.

Use real-life stories with images and videos on your website to emotionally connect with your audience and encourage them to donate to your cause.

A well designed website with an ONLINE DONATIONS FACILITY can easily enable you receive donations from your audience at no cost to your charity.

Encourage Sign-ups to your email list

Email is still the strongest and cheapest digital marketing and fundraising channel out there. Some charities use Facebook,Twitter and other social media platforms but why put all your eggs in one basket. You may reach a wide audience with social media platforms but you will lose control over who your message can reach and your relationship with your audience won’t be spared.

Having an email marketing platform with well integrated opt-in forms into your website can help you collect legitimate email contacts which you can then use for your promotions and awareness campaigns.

Sharing Good News

A good website to represent your charity gives your organisation credibility. A website gives you the opportunity to tell the whole world or better still your audience the good things you are doing to the community and why they should support you.

You can do this by proudly displaying testimonials from satisfied consumers of your services or by using BLOGS or ARTICLES to showcase the good work that your charity does, and let the public know how your work has had a positive effect!

Sharing good news speaks louder than anything else and can make your efforts of reaching out to a new wider audience much easier.

Recruitment of volunteers and staff

Your website is a useful marketing platform for promoting and recruiting volunteers and staff. Not only can your charity website be the central platform for advertising and promoting vacancies, but it can also be an effective recruitment tool with the possibility of integrating complex recruitment systems and online application forms.

Promoting charity fundraising events

Volunteer fundraising is still a good way to drum up support, encourage donations and get your supporters involved, no matter the nature of your charity and the services it provides.

Your website is the perfect place to advertise these events, and encourage more people to attend. Integrated sign-up or a booking form into your website can easily help you multiply the number of attendees and also measure the success of your event by knowing how many people attended the event or by requesting feedback

Offering advice and support to your audience

Most charitable organisations exist to offer help or advice because at the heart of every charity are people in need of that help and advice; whether it is victims, patients, children, families or even animals. More often than not, people turn to the web to look for help, support, guidance and advice. As a charity supporting those people, you have assumed responsibility of providing advice, support, help and reassurance to these people.

By offering knowledge and expertise in your chosen field, your website can form a support network and community platform for these people.

Engage and inspire people to make a difference

Making people feel as though they are part of something big will inspire them to want to get involved. By assuring your audience that their help and support will make a big impact on the charity and reaching the end goal, it will give them a sense of importance and increase the likelihood of engagement.

Maintain and grow relationships with your supporters

Maintaining and growing your relationship with your donors and supporters in my view is very important if your charity is keep its doors open. Thanking your supporters for their donations and continued support is important, moreover, it is much easier to get a donation from someone who has donated to you before than a new one .

Making someone feel appreciated can go a long way and turn a one-off donation into a loyal supporter and ambassador. With permission from your donors, putting their credentials on your website and thanking them for their generosity is one of the best ways of expressing your appreciation for their support especially corporate donations.


It is more important than ever for any charity or community organisation to have a strong online presence with a website as their central gateway into the digital world if they are to attract support and continue in existence.

A website hasn’t only recently become one of the greatest fundraising tools but also the best gateway to the web that has a far wider reach than any other form of platform. Your website should be the centre of your charity’s online presence strategy.


Papa Internet Services has helped hundreds of small charities and community organisations get an online presence with websites that encourage donations.

THE OFFER: We design your website, host it, secure it against any hacking, integrate a donation facility and teach you how to update and manage your website for a fraction of what others charge.

Best of all; You GET a 50% DISCOUNT on your Website and 90% on Your Web Hosting.

This deal is only for charities and community organisations and is open for a short time.

Find out more…

The worst way of making money online

The worst way of making money online

You probably have heard of people who keep a blog because of the money their blog makes, they are able to travel to many different continents. I’m not talking about cities. I’m not talking about individual countries. I’m talking about continents. That’s how lucrative blogging can be.

Of course, there’s a lot more to the story. It would be great if any regular person got the idea in their head that they can make quite a bit of money blogging. It would be awesome and terrific if they just needed to sit down in front of a computer, type out some blog post and all of a sudden, all this amazing money started appearing out of nowhere.

Unfortunately, that’s a fantasy. That’s just as real as Cinderella or Snow White and the Seven Dwarves. To make real money online, you have to put in blood, sweat, tears and time. Even if you are willing to step up and make all those sacrifices, it’s still anybody’s guess whether you would actually be rewarded for the stuff that you put in.

I know this is not what you’ve been led to believe. It turns out that the Internet was not some sort of magical ATM for instant online riches after all. Who knew?

That’s how rough making money online can be. For every successful blog, there are hundreds, if not thousands, of failed blogs. You only need to look at the number of expired domains out there to get a clear idea of what I’m talking about.

But as daunting as this project may appear on the grand scale, there is one way you can make money online that is even worse than blogging. What am I talking about? I’m talking about selling your time on places like Fiverr.

I don’t care if you’re the very best graphics designer in the world and your banners and blog headers might be the best thing since sliced bread. You have no business offering your services on Fiverr if you’re not going to get a positive return on effort.

Remember, you’re selling your time. If you’re selling theses services on Fiverr, by definition, you’re not doing other things. What if those other things can make you more money? A lot of people are completely blind to this. They think that as long as they make money off of any kind of platform, they’re good.

Well, that’s short sided thinking. It is no surprise that a lot of those people simply can’t make any money because their short term thinking did them in.

Make no mistake. The worst way to make money online is to simply sell your time. You have to do something else. You have to add value. You have to develop a solid brand. You have to become some sort of expert or credible authority.

By doing so, you would be able to command a lot more money for your time. Otherwise, you’re going to be stuck on a race to the bottom. To get out of that race to the bottom, click here.

5 Key Reasons Why YOU Should Consider Making Money Fiverr as an option

5 Key Reasons Why YOU Should Consider Making Money Fiverr as an option

You’re probably thinking, given the wide range of different income possibilities on the internet, why should I bother with Fiverr? After all, it has a reputation for paying the least amount for the most intensive work.

You may be skeptical about making money off the platform because, after all, it made its name by requiring people to provide valuable services for the royal sum of $5 a pop. CLICK HERE to get Resource Book on How to Make Money on Fiverr.

But you might want to consider the following:

1. Massive Selection of Services

If you are going to make money off Fiverr in ways other than as a service provider, you need to have access to a wide range of services. Fiverr does that. It doesn’t matter whether you’re looking for graphics-related work, writing, research, virtual assistants, or data entry, Fiverr has all of these, and then some. In fact, it also offers traffic services and search engine optimization.

This wide selection is extremely important if you are looking to make money in a way that doesn’t involve you trading your time for money.

2. Great Pricing Diversity Among Service Providers

Not only do you get a wide range of services on offer, but the pricing for these vary tremendously.

I know what you’re thinking. You’re probably thinking that the cheaper services, by definition, are of lower quality. I can’t really blame you for thinking that way. After all, there’s a lot of truth to the old saying “you get what you pay for.”

But you’d be surprised. There are a lot of people from developing countries who are very educated, very eager and, most importantly, eager to please their customers who place projects on Fiverr.

Many of these individuals, although not all, crank out really high quality work for really affordable rates. In fact, if an American or somebody from Western Europe produced the same level of work, those people would probably charge 8, 10, or even 20 times more.

Fiverr also has very powerful offer filtration features so you can zero in on quality details, quality rankings, as well as pricing. You don’t have to click from one offer to the next to figure out hidden gems.

3. Tried and Proven Payment Platform with Solid Order Dispute Resolution Processes

If you’re going to be processing other people’s Fiverr projects and then reselling those same services in a bundled form on Fiverr itself, you are in luck. The same holds true if you are looking to offer value added services on this platform.

Fiverr has a very powerful payment platform so you can rest assured that you will get paid. If there is any kind of dispute, there is a robust complaint system.

Now, here’s a bit of a warning. If you are a service provider, you have to truly believe that the customer is always right. The good news is, the vast majority of people who order services on Fiverr are honest and trustworthy.

With that said, it can get quite disappointing and even upsetting when people try to pull all sorts of tricks. It’s not unusual for somebody to order your service, and after you’ve done an amazing job, they would ask for a refund. They know full well that they have you in a tight spot. If you don’t give them the refund, they give you a bad rating.

As you probably already know, if you have explored Fiverr before, ratings are what drives this platform. If you get too many bad ratings, very few people will see your ad. You will get fewer or no orders at all. That’s how sensitive the Fiverr platform is to ratings.

It is no surprise that a lot of service providers would automatically hand out refunds the moment somebody complains. They don’t even have to complain loudly. They don’t even have to have a major issue. But just to smooth things over and to protect that 5-star rating, a lot of providers on Fiverr instinctively give out refunds.

Keep this in mind if you want to be a service provider. This piece of information also comes in handy if you are a service buyer.

4. It has a Massive Base of Buyers

If you want to use Fiverr as a source of income as a service provider, this is amazing news. However, if you are also looking to offer value added or bundling services for Fiverr, this is even better news.

This is pretty much self explanatory. It doesn’t really matter how good you are at your craft, if nobody wants to buy your services, you’re going to starve.

Fiverr does its job well. It pulls a lot of buyers. Also, a lot of these buyers don’t just buy one type of service from one particular provider. They often comparison-shop.

The rates on Fiverr are so low that they would often buy from many different providers, pick out the best, and then order a lot from that person. Usually, they place a custom order for bulk orders. That’s how lucrative this platform can be.

Do yourself a big favor, if you really want to tap into this massive base of buyers, step up your game. Try to be the best in your field. If you are a writer, be the very best and fastest writer you know. If you are a graphics designer, come up with some sort of semi-automated system so you can crank out those designs quickly, on a volume level, and at a faster rate than everybody else.

If you focus on these goals, you can make quite a bit of cash on Fiverr because of its massive user base.

5. It Offers Tremendous Flexibility

I cannot emphasize on this benefit enough. If you are a freelancer or if you are a buyer that will convert the services that you get into a compiled form which you can then resell or use yourself, Fiverr offers a tremendous amount of flexibility.

It is a freelancing platform, make no mistake. People don’t hire employees off Fiverr. If you’re looking for a job, you can check for that.

But if you’re looking for freelance projects and you can compete with a lot of service providers in terms of price and quality, this is an amazing platform. Why? You pick the kind of work you offer.

Nobody’s going to point a gun at your head and say, “We know that you are a writer, so offer to write novels for the royal sum of $5 per 5,000 words.” They’re not doing that. It is totally up to you. You figure out what you’re good at and you create an ad. Pretty straightforward.

Next, you determine your price. This is a big deal because it gives you a lot of leeway. If it turns out that people will not pay more than $5 for the kind of service you provide, tough luck. You’re stuck with that price.

You can be like many people I know and think that their time is worth $5,000 an hour. They’re more than welcome to think that, but until and unless somebody actually buys your services at that rate, then the exact value of your service is just potential. It’s an imaginary number.

This pricing flexibility enables you to move with the direction of the market. If you notice that the demand is increasing, feel free to raise your prices. On the other hand, if you feel that you’re not getting as many orders as you would like, cut your pricing to the bone, and then scale up later once you develop volume.

Another reason why Fiverr delivers a tremendous amount of flexibility is that you get to pick the order you want to work on. You don’t have to accept all orders. You can put on your service description that people have to contact you first. If they don’t contact you first, you’re going to automatically reject the order.

This is a very powerful feature because, hey, let’s face it, you have all sorts of duties, responsibilities and obligations. You do have a life outside of Fiverr. You can make your work revolve around your personal life instead of the other way around. This is a tremendous form of flexibility.

Next, you have the leeway when to work. You can set up your deadline to as little as 24 hours or as much as 29 days. That’s a tremendous amount of leeway.

Now, keep in mind that the longer your turnaround time, the less orders you will get. Depending on the kind of service you offer, sometimes, if your delivery time is more than 24 hours, you can pretty much kiss any orders goodbye.

Keep this in mind. This is a warning. Just like with pricing, your delivery time must reflect the preferences of the buyers of the type of service you’re offering.

Finally, you have a lot of leeway on how you are going to do your work. Believe it or not, a lot of people who charge quite a bit of money on Fiverr actually turn around and outsource from somebody else. This is one of the best kept secrets of Fiverr. In fact, I’m going to go into this in more detail below.

However, this is a tremendous advantage for people using Fiverr. Nowhere does it say that you have to do the work yourself. You can outsource it, you can farm it out to many different people, then you can compile it and then sell it at a premium. Awesome stuff.

So keep the 5 key reasons above in mind if you’re still on the fence regarding using Fiverr as an online income source.

I know it’s very tempting to automatically focus on other income methods. They seem easier, they seem more flexible, and there’s also less likelihood that you will be trading in your time for money. In other words, they don’t feel like jobs.

But if you want a very powerful platform that is very flexible and versatile in terms of income opportunities, definitely take a long, hard look at Fiverr.