The worst way of making money online

The worst way of making money online

You probably have heard of people who keep a blog because of the money their blog makes, they are able to travel to many different continents. I’m not talking about cities. I’m not talking about individual countries. I’m talking about continents. That’s how lucrative blogging can be.

Of course, there’s a lot more to the story. It would be great if any regular person got the idea in their head that they can make quite a bit of money blogging. It would be awesome and terrific if they just needed to sit down in front of a computer, type out some blog post and all of a sudden, all this amazing money started appearing out of nowhere.

Unfortunately, that’s a fantasy. That’s just as real as Cinderella or Snow White and the Seven Dwarves. To make real money online, you have to put in blood, sweat, tears and time. Even if you are willing to step up and make all those sacrifices, it’s still anybody’s guess whether you would actually be rewarded for the stuff that you put in.

I know this is not what you’ve been led to believe. It turns out that the Internet was not some sort of magical ATM for instant online riches after all. Who knew?

That’s how rough making money online can be. For every successful blog, there are hundreds, if not thousands, of failed blogs. You only need to look at the number of expired domains out there to get a clear idea of what I’m talking about.

But as daunting as this project may appear on the grand scale, there is one way you can make money online that is even worse than blogging. What am I talking about? I’m talking about selling your time on places like Fiverr.

I don’t care if you’re the very best graphics designer in the world and your banners and blog headers might be the best thing since sliced bread. You have no business offering your services on Fiverr if you’re not going to get a positive return on effort.

Remember, you’re selling your time. If you’re selling theses services on Fiverr, by definition, you’re not doing other things. What if those other things can make you more money? A lot of people are completely blind to this. They think that as long as they make money off of any kind of platform, they’re good.

Well, that’s short sided thinking. It is no surprise that a lot of those people simply can’t make any money because their short term thinking did them in.

Make no mistake. The worst way to make money online is to simply sell your time. You have to do something else. You have to add value. You have to develop a solid brand. You have to become some sort of expert or credible authority.

By doing so, you would be able to command a lot more money for your time. Otherwise, you’re going to be stuck on a race to the bottom. To get out of that race to the bottom, click here.

5 Key Reasons Why YOU Should Consider Making Money Fiverr as an option

5 Key Reasons Why YOU Should Consider Making Money Fiverr as an option

You’re probably thinking, given the wide range of different income possibilities on the internet, why should I bother with Fiverr? After all, it has a reputation for paying the least amount for the most intensive work.

You may be skeptical about making money off the platform because, after all, it made its name by requiring people to provide valuable services for the royal sum of $5 a pop. CLICK HERE to get Resource Book on How to Make Money on Fiverr.

But you might want to consider the following:

1. Massive Selection of Services

If you are going to make money off Fiverr in ways other than as a service provider, you need to have access to a wide range of services. Fiverr does that. It doesn’t matter whether you’re looking for graphics-related work, writing, research, virtual assistants, or data entry, Fiverr has all of these, and then some. In fact, it also offers traffic services and search engine optimization.

This wide selection is extremely important if you are looking to make money in a way that doesn’t involve you trading your time for money.

2. Great Pricing Diversity Among Service Providers

Not only do you get a wide range of services on offer, but the pricing for these vary tremendously.

I know what you’re thinking. You’re probably thinking that the cheaper services, by definition, are of lower quality. I can’t really blame you for thinking that way. After all, there’s a lot of truth to the old saying “you get what you pay for.”

But you’d be surprised. There are a lot of people from developing countries who are very educated, very eager and, most importantly, eager to please their customers who place projects on Fiverr.

Many of these individuals, although not all, crank out really high quality work for really affordable rates. In fact, if an American or somebody from Western Europe produced the same level of work, those people would probably charge 8, 10, or even 20 times more.

Fiverr also has very powerful offer filtration features so you can zero in on quality details, quality rankings, as well as pricing. You don’t have to click from one offer to the next to figure out hidden gems.

3. Tried and Proven Payment Platform with Solid Order Dispute Resolution Processes

If you’re going to be processing other people’s Fiverr projects and then reselling those same services in a bundled form on Fiverr itself, you are in luck. The same holds true if you are looking to offer value added services on this platform.

Fiverr has a very powerful payment platform so you can rest assured that you will get paid. If there is any kind of dispute, there is a robust complaint system.

Now, here’s a bit of a warning. If you are a service provider, you have to truly believe that the customer is always right. The good news is, the vast majority of people who order services on Fiverr are honest and trustworthy.

With that said, it can get quite disappointing and even upsetting when people try to pull all sorts of tricks. It’s not unusual for somebody to order your service, and after you’ve done an amazing job, they would ask for a refund. They know full well that they have you in a tight spot. If you don’t give them the refund, they give you a bad rating.

As you probably already know, if you have explored Fiverr before, ratings are what drives this platform. If you get too many bad ratings, very few people will see your ad. You will get fewer or no orders at all. That’s how sensitive the Fiverr platform is to ratings.

It is no surprise that a lot of service providers would automatically hand out refunds the moment somebody complains. They don’t even have to complain loudly. They don’t even have to have a major issue. But just to smooth things over and to protect that 5-star rating, a lot of providers on Fiverr instinctively give out refunds.

Keep this in mind if you want to be a service provider. This piece of information also comes in handy if you are a service buyer.

4. It has a Massive Base of Buyers

If you want to use Fiverr as a source of income as a service provider, this is amazing news. However, if you are also looking to offer value added or bundling services for Fiverr, this is even better news.

This is pretty much self explanatory. It doesn’t really matter how good you are at your craft, if nobody wants to buy your services, you’re going to starve.

Fiverr does its job well. It pulls a lot of buyers. Also, a lot of these buyers don’t just buy one type of service from one particular provider. They often comparison-shop.

The rates on Fiverr are so low that they would often buy from many different providers, pick out the best, and then order a lot from that person. Usually, they place a custom order for bulk orders. That’s how lucrative this platform can be.

Do yourself a big favor, if you really want to tap into this massive base of buyers, step up your game. Try to be the best in your field. If you are a writer, be the very best and fastest writer you know. If you are a graphics designer, come up with some sort of semi-automated system so you can crank out those designs quickly, on a volume level, and at a faster rate than everybody else.

If you focus on these goals, you can make quite a bit of cash on Fiverr because of its massive user base.

5. It Offers Tremendous Flexibility

I cannot emphasize on this benefit enough. If you are a freelancer or if you are a buyer that will convert the services that you get into a compiled form which you can then resell or use yourself, Fiverr offers a tremendous amount of flexibility.

It is a freelancing platform, make no mistake. People don’t hire employees off Fiverr. If you’re looking for a job, you can check for that.

But if you’re looking for freelance projects and you can compete with a lot of service providers in terms of price and quality, this is an amazing platform. Why? You pick the kind of work you offer.

Nobody’s going to point a gun at your head and say, “We know that you are a writer, so offer to write novels for the royal sum of $5 per 5,000 words.” They’re not doing that. It is totally up to you. You figure out what you’re good at and you create an ad. Pretty straightforward.

Next, you determine your price. This is a big deal because it gives you a lot of leeway. If it turns out that people will not pay more than $5 for the kind of service you provide, tough luck. You’re stuck with that price.

You can be like many people I know and think that their time is worth $5,000 an hour. They’re more than welcome to think that, but until and unless somebody actually buys your services at that rate, then the exact value of your service is just potential. It’s an imaginary number.

This pricing flexibility enables you to move with the direction of the market. If you notice that the demand is increasing, feel free to raise your prices. On the other hand, if you feel that you’re not getting as many orders as you would like, cut your pricing to the bone, and then scale up later once you develop volume.

Another reason why Fiverr delivers a tremendous amount of flexibility is that you get to pick the order you want to work on. You don’t have to accept all orders. You can put on your service description that people have to contact you first. If they don’t contact you first, you’re going to automatically reject the order.

This is a very powerful feature because, hey, let’s face it, you have all sorts of duties, responsibilities and obligations. You do have a life outside of Fiverr. You can make your work revolve around your personal life instead of the other way around. This is a tremendous form of flexibility.

Next, you have the leeway when to work. You can set up your deadline to as little as 24 hours or as much as 29 days. That’s a tremendous amount of leeway.

Now, keep in mind that the longer your turnaround time, the less orders you will get. Depending on the kind of service you offer, sometimes, if your delivery time is more than 24 hours, you can pretty much kiss any orders goodbye.

Keep this in mind. This is a warning. Just like with pricing, your delivery time must reflect the preferences of the buyers of the type of service you’re offering.

Finally, you have a lot of leeway on how you are going to do your work. Believe it or not, a lot of people who charge quite a bit of money on Fiverr actually turn around and outsource from somebody else. This is one of the best kept secrets of Fiverr. In fact, I’m going to go into this in more detail below.

However, this is a tremendous advantage for people using Fiverr. Nowhere does it say that you have to do the work yourself. You can outsource it, you can farm it out to many different people, then you can compile it and then sell it at a premium. Awesome stuff.

So keep the 5 key reasons above in mind if you’re still on the fence regarding using Fiverr as an online income source.

I know it’s very tempting to automatically focus on other income methods. They seem easier, they seem more flexible, and there’s also less likelihood that you will be trading in your time for money. In other words, they don’t feel like jobs.

But if you want a very powerful platform that is very flexible and versatile in terms of income opportunities, definitely take a long, hard look at Fiverr.

What questions do you need to ask at a networking event?

What questions do you need to ask at a networking event?

What questions can you ask at a networking event?

Networking isn’t just about meeting people, showing your face at an event, promoting your company, and collecting a load of business cards. The questions you ask, and the conversations that can develop from asking those questions, are key to making your networking a success.

With this in mind, we’ve put together a list of questions to consider asking at your next networking event. By asking these types of questions, you should be able to obtain useful information and build up a strong list of contacts to help take your business further.

Example Questions you can ask at the networking event

These questions can allow you to quickly learn about the industry a person works in, their job role, business interests and aims. They can also lead to other questions about their business.

Once you have introduced yourself, these questions are good to open with:

  • How did you hear about this event?
  • What brings you here?
  • Who else have you spoken to here?
  • What do you think about the event?
  • Have you go a lot out of the event?
  • What other networking events have you been to?

This will help ease you into a gentle conversation, rather than launching into heavier questions about a person’s line of work.

Questions about their job

You can find out the name of where a person works, and sometimes their job title, just by looking at their name tag. But these questions allow to you to learn more about their job and the company they work for. You can also learn whether or not what they do and where they work could benefit your business – or if your business could benefit them.

  • I see you work at –––––– What’s your role there?
  • What does your job involve?
  • What does your company do?
  • What are your main job responsibilities?
  • How long have your worked there?
  • How do you find your job?

Questions if they run a business

These networking questions are good to ask, specifically, if you find out they are a business owner or business manager.

  • What does your business do?
  • When did you start up your company?
  • Why did you decide to set up your business?
  • What are your main business aims?
  • What have been the main challenges n developing your business?

Questions they’re an employee or employer:

  • What do you enjoy most about what you do?
  • What’s the size of your company?
  • Where are you based?
  • How has your company developed?

Questions about their business career

These questions are good to ask to learn about a person’s previous job and sector experience, as well as key business skills and interests. You can also find out about other companies in their contacts book that might be worth speaking to, and that they could put you in touch with.

  • Where else have you worked?
  • What other sectors have you worked in?
  • Where did you start your career?
  • What took you in this direction?

Questions about them

These allow you to move away from the more business-focused questions, encouraging a person to open up while allowing you to see if you share similar interests.

  • Where are you from?
  • How long have you lived there?
  • What do you do outside of work?
  • Where else do you normally network?

Questions to keep in touch or meet up

These networking questions allow you to follow up and get in touch with a person at a later date. Depending on the outcome of your networking, they are best to ask when your conversation is drawing to a close.

  • Your work sounds really interesting. Please can I have your business card so we can keep in touch?
  • Your work sounds really interesting. Would you like to meet up for a coffee sometime so we can chat further?
  • Are you interested in meeting for a coffee sometime next week? I’d love to hear more about —–
  • Your line of work really interests me. Is there anything I/my business can do to help you?

What to bear in mind when asking your questions

It’s important to mention that these are just some examples of good questions to ask at a networking event. They don’t all have to be asked, nor asked in the order given. They should just give you an idea of those questions and key topics that can allow you to find out useful information to help you and your business.

You should always aim to ask open questions that can give you more information, which will prevent people from just giving you a yes or no answer, while helping a conversation to flow. Also, use your judgement to decide what questions will be good to ask, and when, in order to not prevent a conversation from flowing.


The worst single mistake to make on Fiverr website that can ruin your chances of making money

The worst single mistake to make on Fiverr website that can ruin your chances of making money

Let’s get real here for a minute. It’s very easy to screw up on Fiverr. It really is. In fact, if you look at the listings on Fiverr for most services, it’s littered with people who have not made a single sale. No joke. I know it sounds sad, but it happens all the time.

It’s actually very easy to imagine that you can make money, 5 bucks at a time or $10 or whatever at a pop, on this platform called Fiverr. Maybe they hear about it on Twitter, Facebook, YouTube or some sort of heavily hyped ‘make money online’ blog or ebook.

Predictably, they get all excited, so they fill out a profile, offer a service and they wait and wait and wait. Soon enough, months pass and they haven’t made a sale. What went wrong?

The problem is they’re selling their time. If you’re selling your time, I’ve got some bad news for you. At least when it comes to Fiverr, you are going to be stuck in a race to the bottom. That is the bottom line because you’re not just competing with people from all over the United States. You’re not just competing with people from Western Europe. You’re also competing with people form the other side of the planet.

We’re talking about places like India, Southeast Asia, South Asia and Africa. Those places have different exchange rates and they have different costs of living. If you put all of these different together, don’t be surprised if they are willing to work 12 hours for the grand total of 5 bucks. Are you willing to do that?

Chances are if you’re living in the United States and your monthly rent is $3,000 that this is out of the question. Unfortunately, this is the kind of unsustainable and losing position you put yourself in if you just settle for selling your time.

You’re basically treating Fiverr as a yet another office. That’s really what you’re doing. You’re basically treating it like another job. At your day job, you are trading your time for money. If you don’t show up and stay within the physical confines of your office between 9 to 5, you don’t get paid. No work, no pay. That’s what’s happening.

If that is your grand strategy on Fiverr, you are going to fail. I don’t want to discourage you. I definitely don’t want to depress you, but this is the cold, hard reality. You need to wrap your mind around this for you to have a fighting chance of actually making money off this otherwise amazing, freelancing platform.

What is the alternative? You need to resell other people’s services. You need to create service bundles. You need to use other service provider’s talents, energy and time to create assets which you can then sell. Those are the secrets to making real money on Fiverr.

To figure out how to do this and get the ball rolling on making actual money on Fiverr, Click Here



Living in the digital world, a website is now a necessity for every business, big or small. If you have a business and don’t have a website, you are probably losing a number of great opportunities for your business. A website itself can be used to accomplish many different marketing strategies to help your business grow. The web has a far wider reach than any other form of advertising. Your website will be the center of your company’s online presence. Through it, you can advertise your business around the Web on social networking sites and other online forums

1# Increasing visibility is one major factor that makes having a website important. Even if people have heard about your company, they may want to carry out research online first, before entertaining the idea of leaving the comfort of their own home to go to your business premises.

2# Websites usually provide a map and directions to company`s shops or offices, so that visitors don’t have trouble finding your business location. This therefore helps potential customers to reach your business’s doorstep with ease and increase your sales in the process

3# Another important reason for having a website to represent your business is to give you credibility. By building a website, you are giving your business the opportunity to tell consumers why they should trust you. You can do this by proudly displaying testimonials from other satisfied customers that you have worked on before, on your website. Through this, half of the effort of selling your products to your new customers will be done for you without you lifting a finger

4# When you provide good service or product, positive word-of- mouth about your business is likely to spread which in turn, delivers more new business. It is easier to push this process along with a website because people can quickly check out your business on the internet to prove the claims they have heard.

5# One of the great things about the internet is that the size of your company does not really matter. A website will also help to give the impression that your company is bigger and more successful than it may actually be. There is no reason that you can`t get your site to rank in Google ahead of a large multinational competitor and funnel off some of their traffic. This is a big part of the reason that a website is even more important for a small business than a big one, it tends to level the playing field in the business world.

6# Websites are available and accessible 24 hours a day, every day of the year. Because of this, your customers and potential customers can visit your site for support or information about new and upcoming products and services whenever it is convenient for them. Your website will act as an invaluable and always-available resource for information which would otherwise only be accessible during your company’s business hours.

7# A website with an online shop can provide a dramatic boost in sales. Before the internet era, people spent so much time wandering aimlessly in malls looking for stores that are available to shop in. Websites provide a solution to this problem, bringing the shops to you, in the comfort of your own home and let you shop for the products you’re looking for. Smart businesses realize this and thus have their own website housing their products and services so that potential customers can browse online for the products they want to purchase.

8# With the advent of the internet, the world has now become a global village. Having a website and therefore an online presence allows you to market your business online to a vast number of people both locally and in other parts of the world. This helps your business to compete favorably with large multinational companies and bring in worldwide sales that would be impossible to generate with traditional marketing strategies like television or radio

9# Most people just assume that you have a website since the vast majority of businesses do, at least the vast majority of big companies do. There are actually still quite a few small businesses that don’t have a website and without one this is exactly what they will remain, small businesses forever

10# If you don’t have a website that you can refer potential customers to, they are going to assume that you are a small time company that does not take their business seriously. No one wants to trust a small, unserious company with anything, let alone their money. Once you establish this reputation it is going to be very hard to make sales.

The bottom line is, it is imperative for every business to have a website. The more professional your website is, the more advantages you can gain.

We at Papa Internet Services specialize in designing and creating responsive websites for businesses of all sizes. Considering the reasons above, we don’t see why your business should remain a small business forever just because it lacks a professionally designed website that your customers can trust.

Visit Today and join the table of big business with a new website that actually makes you money

Simple yet effective ways of Building Your Brand

Simple yet effective ways of Building Your Brand

Building a recognisable brand

Your brand is what sets your business apart from the competition. It is your unique differentiator, carrying implied messages about your company image, the performance you offer and the product and service quality that your business can provide. Your brand is the thing that will stick in potential clients’ or customers’ minds when they are looking for a particular product or service. This means that it is essential that you to devote some time and effort to building this aspect of your business effectively.


Keep It Simple

At the Federation of Small Businesses, we fully understand that SMEs do not often have vast budgets to throw at brand-building, in contrast with blue chip companies. This means that, by its very nature, the process of building up a brand will be different for smaller businesses, but that does not mean that it cannot be achieved effectively.

Don’t be afraid of feedback or even of having to start over with your branding efforts. It is better to start afresh with a new, effective branding strategy than to plough time, money and effort into building up something that is not putting across the right message or gaining the attention it should.

Plan Effectively

In order to build your brand, it is important to formulate a plan and to ensure that you set timeline checkpoints to assess the effectiveness of the process. Many members of the Federation of Small Businesses now understand that the whole processes should be seen as an on-going project, where changes are made to reflect both successes and failures. Brand-building for SMEs is best achieved through setting individual goals which can be regularly achieved and appraised. This modular approach can help to ensure that your branding remains true to your business story and company ethos and that it is meeting the needs of the wider marketplace in the most effective manner possible.