Building a recognisable brand

Your brand is what sets your business apart from the competition. It is your unique differentiator, carrying implied messages about your company image, the performance you offer and the product and service quality that your business can provide. Your brand is the thing that will stick in potential clients’ or customers’ minds when they are looking for a particular product or service. This means that it is essential that you to devote some time and effort to building this aspect of your business effectively.


Keep It Simple

At the Federation of Small Businesses, we fully understand that SMEs do not often have vast budgets to throw at brand-building, in contrast with blue chip companies. This means that, by its very nature, the process of building up a brand will be different for smaller businesses, but that does not mean that it cannot be achieved effectively.

Don’t be afraid of feedback or even of having to start over with your branding efforts. It is better to start afresh with a new, effective branding strategy than to plough time, money and effort into building up something that is not putting across the right message or gaining the attention it should.

Plan Effectively

In order to build your brand, it is important to formulate a plan and to ensure that you set timeline checkpoints to assess the effectiveness of the process. Many members of the Federation of Small Businesses now understand that the whole processes should be seen as an on-going project, where changes are made to reflect both successes and failures. Brand-building for SMEs is best achieved through setting individual goals which can be regularly achieved and appraised. This modular approach can help to ensure that your branding remains true to your business story and company ethos and that it is meeting the needs of the wider marketplace in the most effective manner possible.