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StopTheHacker thoroughly scans your website daily, checking HTML, .htaccess, CSS, PDFs, SWFs and all files in your web space for malware and injected code.

It works in tandem with your firewall and anti-spam/virus software, to keep your site secure by protecting you against thousands of threats.

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Protect your site’s reputation

StopTheHacker’s in-depth scan thoroughly checks your website for thousands of virus and malware threats. It even checks your SSL certificate to see if it’s functioning correctly and ensures the encryption method you are using is up-to-date.

Once the scan has completed it will notify you via email if it’s found anything suspicious. You can then view detailed analysis of your site reports from the dashboard, with graphs and statistics for convenient reporting.

There’s no software to download and no need to insert any code on your website. StopTheHacker is a fully hosted service that scans your hosting without needing to be installed in your web space, so it has no impact on your site’s speed.


Protect Your Website and Your Visitors

for £18.97/Month

Scans Your Website Daily
Checks Blacklisted Websites
Email Alerts and Detailed Reports
Preserve Your Company’s Reputation
Uses Advanced AI Engine to Detect New Malware
Checks Your Site Against Search Engine Blacklists