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Introducing Email Marketing

Whether you are introducing new products, advertising latest offers, or keeping your fans up-to-date, starting your Email Marketing campaign with Papa Internet will grant you the quickest, convenient and most powerful way of reaching your audience from a single platform.

Our Email Marketing packages will not only offer you an effective marketing solution for your products but also an effecient way of interacting with your customers and building a more powerful web presence.

By combining an Email Marketing package with your Web-Hosting and Domain Name into one convenient package, as a website owner, you will have obtained all the necessary tools you need to succeed online. And the good news is; you can easily run everything from your eXtend Control Panel – which comes with your Web-Hosting.

What is Email Marketing?

Email Marketing allows you to create professional-looking emails that you can then send to your customers who have subscribed to your lists through permission-based marketing campaigns. Email Marketing offers a powerful return on investment, giving you high response rates and engagement with your audience.

With permission-based email marketing, you will interact only with people who have opted in to hear specifically from you, thus converting interest into sales and retaining existing customers. You can access and use all the powerful tools in your eXtend Control Panel, send out email campaigns and update your website at the same time.

Our Email Marketing system is divided into two main packages; Starter and Business. The starter package allows you to send emails to 200 subscribers whereas, the Business package handles up to subscribers to 10,000 subscribers, with the ability to increase that number of subscribers in a bespoke package.

Who can Benefit Most from Email Marketing?

The scalable nature of Email Marketing ensures that everyone, from single entrepreneurs to large businesses can benefit from target Email Marketing campaigns by choosing the right Email Marketing package for them.


Alert audience of new posts


Communicate latest news to customers

Web Designers

Share industry trends and promote services


Share industry news with clients

Theatres & Galleries

Send details of latest shows and exhibitions


Inform customers of new dishes

Estate & Letting Agents

Email latest property listings


Promote products to customers

Salons and Spas

Promote special offers

Medical Centres

Inform of any service updates or appointment reminders


Clubs & DJs

Promote new club nights and special DJ appearances



Share pupil achievements and community new

Email Marketing Key Features

Email Marketing is a strong platform on its own, but would work much better as part of a package, including e-commerce solutions for retailers, blogging platforms, or brochure websites.

The main features of Email Marketing are:

Drag & Drop Interface

  • Create professional-looking emails that work across all the major email platforms without needing to know any code.
  • Use our templates, or create your own, easily upload photos, videos and link in audios

Responsive Design

  • Create responsive emails that perfectly function on mobiles, tablets, and desktops
  • Ensure your emails are responsive for the growing mobile device usage

Easy Management

  • Simply organise and maintain customer lists, add subscribers and segment into appropriate groups for enhanced customer targeting.
  • Easily review campaigns- Focus on results instead of systems in our intuitive and easy to understand interface.

Real-time Analytics

  • Get detailed reporting on each user from the first open to the final purchase, as well as reader sharing, tracked goals, and unsubscribes.
  • Compare these results to your average as well as the industry sector average

Social Integration

  • Keep your social media contacts informed about your latest email campaign
  • Schedule regular tweets and posts to keep your brand in your users’ feed on Twitter and Facebook

Personalise campaigns

  • Build a one-on-one relationship with your audience through personalisation
  • Use dynamic content to target subscribers with unique content without having to create multiple emails.

Frequently Asked Questions

Simplifying the Making and Sending Email Campaigns Equation!

What do I need to get started?

With Email Marketing, you only need a domain name, a computer, and a need to communicate with your audience. You do not need to know how to code, design, or run a website.

Do I need to know HTML to use it?

You do not need to know HTML or CSS to create emails in our Email Marketing system. Our drag-and-drop editor produces content that work on every device.

Can the system handle large campaigns?

Yes. Our Email Marketing system can handle an unlimited number of emails being sent to 10 different lists, with up to 10,000 subscribers, all depending on the package you choose.

Can I link your system to my CRM or e-commerce software?

With our Form Builder, you can create a sign-up or competition entry form that works on your system, plus we have a range of one-click plug- ins that work for major software applications, such as WordPress and Salesforce.

Is my data secure?

We take our data security very seriously, with rigorous entry, screening, backup, and recovery facilities in place. We also work closely with you to ensure that your subscribers’ data is not only secure, but complies with data protection requirements.

Do I need to have web hosting with Papa Internet to host my emails?

You do not need web hosting or your domain name to be hosted with Papa Internet to use our tool. You only need an active domain name with an email address.

Can I test emails to see if spam filters will block them?

Along with ensuring that our servers remain on ISPs’ whitelists, we have built-in spam checking that reviews your email for any content that could mark it as suspicious.

Build customer loyalty and increase sales

See how Email Marketing can help you seemlessly reach out to your audience. Also find out how easy it is to send targeted emails to your subscribers, and ensure you’re sending out the right message at the right time for great results.